D’Aventure & Co is quite a new generation of creators of sensations

We design and plan “adventures” by orchestrating everything, of the general idea in the smallest detail.

We create and supply custom-made events, either à la carte, in groups, individual or companies for an evening, few days, or a complete journey.

Our way of thinking

The curiosity is the mainspring. D’Aventure & Co business is to look, to search and to find. We like the diversity and the variety, from the ultimate classicism to the extravagant luxury, what is true, authentic.

We look for the value, not the price, and we find it in the individuality, the character, and the given attention. Our approach of tourism is energetic and motivated.

A dinner in a hot-air balloon, one Jet set evening to the Casino of Deauville, a stroll in princess’s carriage in Paris, a picnic in a garden hidden from Paris with your own waiter, to follow a famous french cooking chef in its purchases in the morning on the real parisians markets, one night in a private castle of aristocrats who receive you personally in the Bordeaux region, when it is necessary to go to one 5* very expensive, and when it is not necessary.

Our journeys are deliberately concocted from varied and spicy ingredients, carefully proportionned, and seasoned to the taste of your customers.

Here is our vocabulary: the truth, the authentic and the imaginative, the caustic, the spine and sensational.

How we make it?

Our adventures are built from a classified top-secret list of people and places – hotels, restaurants, guides and diverse finds – a highly eclectic quiver of informations gleaned during our experiences as personal as professional.

We know the places which we suggest, and we squeezed the hands of people with whom we put your clientele in contact.

D’Aventure & Co aims at supplying to the actors of the tourism proposing France, kind of expert help which can come only from the experience of the ground and from the real knowledge of places.

Who are we?

D’Aventure & Co has been created by Corinne, having a big of experience of tourism, as organizer, but also as customer. Aristocrat, she makes it a point of honor to embody and to share French Etiquette.

Rigor, respect, know how to live, elegance, prestige, epicureanism, romanticism,… these typically French specificities are her key words. She breathes to her teams this vision, and this is what gives D’Adventure & Co this so particular style.

From our offices, we organize trips, reserve yachts, planes, establish budgets, settle journeys and routes in whole France. We take our own photos, write our own words, our own stories, make our own locations, and believe our own intuition.

Our purpose is to be reliable and systematically excellent.

D’Aventure & Co is young but serious, serious but nervous, nervous but professional, professional but different, different but honest.

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